Thursday, August 13, 2009

The gaudier, the better???

Yes, some of these breeches are ugly, but that's not why they're here.

They're here because they're made for infants and toddlers! Now why would anyone buy breeches for a baby? It seems really pointless. And a waste of money. I'm scratching my head on this one.

I've often seen showmanship and halter classes that combine English and western exhibitors, and the contrast is unbelievable. You have the refined, traditional English riders with their black or blue hunt coats, and then you have the western riders.

Some of their outfits are gorgeous, but some make you think, "did they get dressed in the dark, or are they colorblind?"

There's a fine line between flashy and gaudy. Like these custom jackets. These would be classified as gaudy.

This one reminds me of a biker jacket gone wrong. The colors and patterns are just... ew. It's too busy. It wouldn't be so bad if the jacket wasn't white.

This blouse is another one. The designer has a very... unique taste.

The zebra stripes and leopard spots aren't doing it for me.

However, this particular designer does have some beautiful pieces.

If I showed western, I would wear this jacket. I think it would look pretty sharp with a black hat and chaps.

What do you think?

Here's one last ugly one just for fun. Same ugly, different designer.

Fuchsia and lime = not a good combination. And this thing retails for $2,195. It's insane. I wonder what kind of pants one would wear with this? It said you can get matching chaps with it, but it didn't show pictures. That might be scary.

Stuff like that takes all the attention away from the horse and everyone's just staring at the rider and her clown suit.

You know there's someone out there who will pay two grand for it. Yuck.

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